Common Tables - Let's Do Lunch


Every WIN member is invited to participate in a Common Table group. The "tables"  go a very long way to support our mission to eradicate stereotypes and prejudices and to bring what we learn to those outside of WIN. We are all ages, abilities, beliefs, cultures - we grew up in different places with different families, different schooling. We are married, single, divorced, widowed.  We yearn for a peaceful world and promote our common humanity to others.

Each table is comprised of 6 to 8 women. The same group meets monthly beginning in October and each group may decide to continue throughout the summer, or not.

The group also decides if they wish  to rotate homes to meet in or to stay in one home throughout the year. Each participant brings her own lunch and the hostess provides beverages. Who brings dessert is up  to you.We are way past the point of being fancy - so paper plates are the order of the day. The emphasis is on the conversation (and often the laughs).

We ask that you come with an open mind, open ears and respect each others point of view. We do not pass judgement on statements made in the group.

Each group has a "convenor". She helps guide the discussions which should be of interest to all.  We wish to stay away from politics but community and world and WIN events sometimes makes that impossible. Listen with an open mind.

The end result from lunching and laughing and learning together has created great friendships and support from women you would have never met anywhere else. 

We try hard to get you into a table which meets on the day you desire. Sometimes that is impossible. Be flexible please and show up faithfully. It makes a huge difference.

Click on the link below to print the 

WIN Common TableS  Application.

Common Tables ap (pdf)